ZKPad Quests: how to earn $ZKP Tokens and XP

ZKPad is the first launchpad on StarkNet. This fundraising platform offers a safe and decentralized way for users to invest in pre-selected crypto startups.

The lottery’s concepts are rather straightforward, and it will be implemented on the Blockchain platform.

$ZKP tokens and XP (experience) that may be converted for $ZKP tokens are the two types of rewards.

We’ll proceed in order.

1. Go to website https://zkpad.crew3.xyz/
2. Log in to the site using your Metamask and Discord (join the project’s discord https://discord.gg/zkpad)
3. Open Quests

Note: almost all quests can be unlocked with existing ZKPad Community Discord role (you just need to be a Doscord community member)

4. There are 3 categories of tasks GM, Marketing, Product and Intro. Read the description for each of the tasks and complete them. Also, don’t forget to send the completed task for review.

1. GM (Welcome XP)

What do they propose to do?

· Say GM in ZKPad Discord
Reward 1 XP
— once
Submission — attach screenshot of GM in Discord

2. Marketing (Here the project encourages for all sorts of promotion)

What do they propose to do?

· Write an article about the ZkPad project.
Reward 150 XP
— once
Submission — send a link to the article

It could be in a newsletter, on your blog or anywhere else. The article needs to be at least 500 words long and must include a link to zkpad.io.

· Make a Youtube video about the ZkPad project.
Reward — from 100 to 400 XP + from 500 to 2000 USD in $ZKP coins.
Opportunity to receive a Special Reward
— once
Submission — upload the link of the video

The requirements for the mission and the structure of the video can be read in the window by clicking on the task.

2. Product (Here you are rewarded for participating in product development)

· Provide us with useful product feedback (It must be something really useful).
Reward — 200 USD worth of $ZKP + 400 XP
— weekly
Submission — Submit a Google doc explaining your proposition

· Participate in our weekly community call.
Reward — 10 XP
— weekly
Submission — submit a screenshot of the Twitter Space

3. Intro (audience reach and engagement of opinion leaders)

· Introduce us to a new project building on StarkNet.
Reward — 300 USD worth of $ZKP + 300 XP
— once
Submission — Submit the twitter handle of the project or the Discord of the founder. You’ll get rewarded only if the intro is successful!

· Introduce us to an advisor.
Reward — 300 USD worth of $ZKP + 300 XP
— once
Submission — Submit the twitter handle of the contact. You’ll get rewarded only if the intro is successful !

There are enough tasks, so earn XP and $ZKP tokens. Get ready for exclusive benefits. These will likely be allocations in the upcoming IDO for those who have gained a certain amount of experience (XP) or tokens.

Good luck!


Site https://zkpad.io/
Community quests https://zkpad.crew3.xyz/questboard
Twitter https://twitter.com/ZKPadfi
Discord https://discord.gg/zkpad
Whitepaper https://wp.zkpad.io/



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